Dj zippy aka João Gonçalves come from portugal, is mixing since 1997 starting with house music and techno .

Discovering the wonderfull vibrations and spirit from psychadelic trance in BOOM FESTIVAL 1998 he follow this genre musical until today keeping always to suprise the dancefloors with powerfull and nice tracks that make the freaks dance.

Sharing stages all around the europe with artists like : Khopat, Sidhartha, Alienn, Spector, Menog, Tryambaka, DNA, Domestic, Tactic Mind, Cosmic Tone, Slider, Z-Machine, Bad Boys,Wizack Twizack, Protonica, Cosmo, Monntales, Klopfgeister and many more nice artists....

He is now teaming up with Hypergate Records as label deejay with refined dj mix skills and with top quality music.


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